Monday, 1 August 2016

Curtains – A Home Décor Item That Helps In Enhancing The Visual Appeal of A Room

Curtains form an extremely important part of the overall décor of any room and help in enhancing its beauty just like the color and paintings on the walls. Unlike the earlier times, when the primary objective of using curtains was to prevent too much sun from entering into a room or to keep the warmth trapped inside, these essential home décor items have become an integral part of the room design and in fact play an important role in making a room more appealing and stylish. There are a wide range of curtains available in the market depending upon their color, style, fabric and quality. The best way for buyers to cut through the clutter and get the best curtains, which satisfy their décor and budget needs, is to consider the essential factors that might influence their choice.

Choosing The Right Curtains

Choosing the right curtains that help to enhance the style and elegance of a room is not as easy as it seems. Listed below are some important factors that influence this decision and ensure that the buyers get the perfect curtains as per their needs.

·        The first and the most important thing to consider while shopping for curtains, is the room in which they are to be hanged. There are diverse options available for curtains that need to be hanged in the different rooms of a home to make them look more lively and colorful.

·        It is also important to take the style of the window into consideration while buying curtains. The curtains for stylishly designed vintage type windows will be significantly different from those for plain contemporary windows.

·        The color scheme, pattern and style of the curtains also influence their choice. This is because these aspects define the overall look the curtains and the extent to which they match with or enhance the décor of a room.

·        Finally, the fabric from which the curtains are made should also be considered during the selection of the perfect curtains. Buyers can select from net, silk, cotton and various other types of curtain fabrics as per their personal taste.   

Types Of Curtains

Curtains have evolved significantly over the years and today there are several types of these decorative home furnishing items available in the market. They are generally classified on the basis of their usage, hanging style, patterns and even fabric. Described below are some of most popular types of curtains that buyers can choose to make any room look graceful and smart.

·        Translucent Curtains: These curtains are manufactured from extremely lightweight fabrics such as net and sheer and are primary used to offer subtle covering over the windows, without actually concealing the outside view completely. Since they are generally made from fabrics which one can easily see through, they are not ideal for rooms where buyers intend to maintain privacy.

·        Drapes: These curtains are generally designed from heavy weight fabrics and are used to not only protect a room from the elements but also to enhance its décor in a significant manner. They are mostly used in living rooms and rooms which are casually open for guests to explore. They are hanged with the help of specific hardware material that can bear their weight.

·        Blinds: Blinds are special types of curtains that are generally manufactured using materials such as wood and plastic. In some cases, the blinds might be combined with fabric curtains to provide a sophisticated and stylish look. These curtains are generally used in spaces that need to be kept private as well as cozy. They are generally used to cover the glass pane separators in offices or even in homes.

·        Tiers: These are short length curtains used for covering the bottom portion of the windows. They provide a layered look and help in maintaining a significant level or privacy without actually blocking the entire view of the exteriors. In some cases, they might be swags and cascades, which are used for covering the top portion of the windows. This creates a unique décor style that looks extremely attractive.

In addition to the above, buyers can find several other types and varieties of curtains to match their style preferences and taste. offers a great way for such buyers to compare the prices of different types of curtains and choose the best ones. 

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